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Navigato & Battin Prevails in Federal Jury Trial, Clients Awarded $2.6M

On December 10, 2018, a jury unanimously decided in favor of Navigato & Battin, LLP’s (“NavBat”) clients Dr. Linda Zhong and Enertrode, Inc. The case was filed by NavBat in California on Enertrode, Inc.’s claims against the defendants for breaching a contract, inducing a breach of contract, and misappropriating trade secrets. Defendants...

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Labor Laws Effective on January 1, 2019

Each year, Navigato & Battin compiles a list of California’s newly enacted labor laws which will go into effect in the New Year. For 2019, following another year of the #metoo movement, there are a number of new laws going into effect regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. In addition, the statewide minimum wage has once again increased....

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Patents

This is a continuation of our four part discussion of intellectual property. Last month, our newsletter discussed trademark protections for words, symbols, phrases, or other identifiers of a product or brand. Trademarks exist to protect the goodwill and brand recognition that are associated with a particular company or good, and are commonly affixed to a...

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California Court of Appeal Strikes Down Anti-Solicitation Clause

While many states authorize employers to use fairly broad non-compete and non-solicitation provisions in contracts with their employees, California has what are likely the most restrictive and employee-friendly laws regulating these issues in the country. Under California law, except in rare circumstances, these types of provisions are generally not...

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