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The California Supreme Court Adopts a New Test for Classifying Workers

For years, California and other states have gradually restricted employers’ ability to classify workers as independent contractors.  California tends to frown upon classifying workers as independent contractors since independent contractors do not receive the same protections under labor laws as employees and, perhaps more importantly to the state,...

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Does Your Business Website Need a Privacy Policy?

Chances are if you are doing business in 2018, your company has some sort of online presence.  It is important to remember that there are regulations that businesses must comply with when operating a website.  In particular, many businesses need to have written privacy policies under California’s Online Privacy Protection Act (the “Act”)....

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Do Online Legal Forms Actually Save Money?

A quick Google search for the phrase “online legal forms” returns 2,620,000 results.  Everyday people are using online legal forms to incorporate a business or draft important legal documents such as contracts and wills.  While these forms are convenient, quick to obtain, and admittedly significantly cheaper than hiring an attorney (at least in...

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New California Employment Notice Requirements for Businesses

Most California business owners know that the state has certain posting requirements with regard to employee notifications.  However, the standard postings that most employers purchase may not include all of California’s mandatory and required postings. Thus, in addition to the traditional notifications outlining employees’ rights (such as time...

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Five Strategies to Help You Avoid Business Litigation

It is no secret that litigation is an expensive way to resolve business disputes.  Not only are court costs high and attorney’s fees steep, but lawsuits take your focus away from running your business for significant stretches of time.  In order to help avoid the cost and stress of litigation, follow the tips below: Enter into Effective and...

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