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Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Copyright

This will be a four part series over the next four newsletters where each type of intellectual property will be discussed. In an increasingly digital world, where competitors can easily access your website and quickly obtain detailed information on your latest projects, protecting your intellectual property is becoming increasingly important.  There are...

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So You Received a Pre-Litigation Letter – Now What?

Receiving a notice that claims are being filed against it by a current or former employee is a moment every employer hopes to avoid.  But, however shocked, upset, embarrassed, or just plain uninterested you may feel to receive a pre-litigation notice or demand, ignoring the notice and burying your head in the sand will not make the problem go away.  In...

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Female Director Quotas for Publicly Traded Companies

Recently, California legislators passed a bill which would require any publicly traded companies based in California to have female directors on their boards. If signed by Governor Jerry Brown, this bill will require those publicly traded companies based in California to add at least one female to their boards by the end of 2019. Additionally, those...

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California Labor Laws Provide (Yet More) Protection For Employees

Douglas Troester was a Starbucks shift supervisor from mid-2009 to October 2010. Each closing shift required Troester to first clock out and then initiate the store’s “close store procedure” on a different computer which would transmit daily sales, profit and loss, and store inventory data to Starbucks’s corporate headquarters....

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Navigato & Battin Hosts its 22nd Annual Opening Day at the Del Mar Races

On July 18, 2018, Navigato & Battin returned to Opening Day at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club to host its 22nd annual client appreciation event. Clients and friends alike enjoyed mingling, food, and wagering on the races. Reflecting on the day, partner Dan Navigato said, “We have been hosting this event every year for a while now, and every year...

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