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Avoid Costly Litigation by Ensuring Your Website is ADA Compliant

A little over a year ago, we wrote an article, Is Your Website ADA Compliant?, which explained that a business opening itself to and holding itself out to the public must meet certain requirements to remain in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (“ADA”), which affects not just the physical buildings but a company’s website. ...

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Employers Beware: Gender-Neutral Bathrooms are Now Law in California

On March 1, 2017, AB 1732, or the Equal Restroom Access Act, went into effect.  The law seeks to combat gender identity discrimination by making it mandatory for all single occupancy restrooms in any business establishment, place of public accommodation, or government agency to be identified as all-gender toilet facilities.  For the purposes of this bill,...

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The Necessity of Buy-Sell Agreements for all Co-owned Companies

As attorneys, we are unfortunately tasked with thinking through and planning for the worst case scenarios.  It is always easier (and significantly less expensive) to address possible negative outcomes and set a path for resolution that everyone is clear on and agrees with ahead of time, when everyone is getting along, than after the fact, when people are...

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Could AB 199 Destroy the Housing Marketing in California?

For the past several weeks, the construction industry has been buzzing with opinions regarding Assembly Bill 199 (“AB 199”).  AB 199, which was introduced by Assemblyman Kansen Chu, D-San Jose, and authored in part by the Construction Trade Council, requires that workers be paid “prevailing wage” on residential projects that have...

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Costco takes on Titleist

Avid golfers may be interested in the legal showdown between two industry giants, Costco and Titleist.  Costco sells golf balls – at $15 a dozen – under the brand Kirkland Signature.  Recently, the parent company of Titleist sent a letter to Costco claiming that the Kirkland Signature balls violated patents held by Titleist.  It also claimed...

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