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Employer Requirements for Lactation Accommodations

The California Labor Commissioner recently published a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Memo regarding lactation accommodations under Labor Code Section 1030.  While the FAQ memo does not contain any new concepts, it does clarify the following principles: California employers must provide a net 10-minute paid rest period for every four hours worked (or...

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Is it Appropriate to Use Electronic Transmission for Shareholder Communications?

In today’s age, the vast majority of people and businesses communicate through email versus old fashion mail.  However, when it comes to official shareholder communications, the California Corporations Code has specific requirements for the right to transmit information electronically. Under California Corporations Code, Section 20, the Code permits...

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Equipment Leasing – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The New Year provides an opportunity for reflection for both individuals and businesses alike.  For businesses, it is a time to reassess operations and determine if any changes should be made.  Whether it be moving your company, updating your office technology, or renewing or entering into new equipment leases, many companies use this time to plan for the...

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California’s New Employment Laws – 2018

As has become the norm in California, a slew of new employment laws will go into effect this year that will dramatically affect certain businesses throughout the state.  It is advised that all California employers review the new laws below and implement the necessary changes, or speak with Navigato & Battin to find out how such laws may affect your...

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The Necessity of Revising (or Creating) Sexual Harassment Policies

Over the course of the past few months, sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood, mainstream media, national politics, college and professional sports, and other high-profile areas have become hard-to-avoid front page stories.  The #MeToo campaign has also quickly picked up steam, with women (and men) of all backgrounds and all professions sharing their...

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What is a UCC-1 Financing Statement and Why Should I File One?

The Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) is a set of laws governing commercial transactions, such as the sale of goods, secured transactions, and negotiable instruments.  For the purposes of this article, we are focusing on secured transactions under Article 9 of the UCC.  Broadly, a “secured transaction” occurs whenever a party gives an...

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