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Topics to Avoid in Hiring Interviews

When you interview a candidate for hire at your company, you likely have a list of questions you plan to ask him or her. This list can be as simple as why the candidate wants to work for you, or substantially more complex. It is not uncommon for interviewers to ask a question during an interview only to discover later that the answer to the question...

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Out-of-State Retailers Could Be Subject to California’s Sales and Use Taxes

When it came to certain state taxes, physical presence used to be the primary factor determining whether a retailer was required to collect and remit those taxes. However, after the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. ruling on June 21, 2018, physical presence is no longer of utmost importance. California is one of about 30 states who have codified this ruling....

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Supreme Court Denies Class Arbitration

In a decision announced April 24, 2019, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned a Ninth Circuit decision allowing a class to arbitrate claims against their employer. The case arose after a Lamps Plus, Inc. employee was duped into revealing 1,300 employees’ tax information to a hacker. Among those employees whose information was disclosed...

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Is Your Website Complying with Privacy Laws?

A hot button topic as of late has been the collection of personal data online, whether it be information actively inputted by the user or information passively collected by the websites themselves. The issue is whether and to what extent the users of these websites should be able to block the websites from collecting their data. The internet has become an...

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Maintaining the Protection You Intended Your Corporation to Provide

For corporate clients of Navigato & Battin, you likely received a letter in the mail accompanied by a questionnaire, asking about your corporation’s activities for 2018. One purpose of this questionnaire is to allow our office to draft unanimous written consents for your corporation’s shareholders and directors in lieu of annual shareholder...

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