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Labor Laws Effective on January 1, 2019

Each year, Navigato & Battin compiles a list of California’s newly enacted labor laws which will go into effect in the New Year. For 2019, following another year of the #metoo movement, there are a number of new laws going into effect regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. In addition, the statewide minimum wage has once again increased....

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Patents

This is a continuation of our four part discussion of intellectual property. Last month, our newsletter discussed trademark protections for words, symbols, phrases, or other identifiers of a product or brand. Trademarks exist to protect the goodwill and brand recognition that are associated with a particular company or good, and are commonly affixed to a...

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California Court of Appeal Strikes Down Anti-Solicitation Clause

While many states authorize employers to use fairly broad non-compete and non-solicitation provisions in contracts with their employees, California has what are likely the most restrictive and employee-friendly laws regulating these issues in the country. Under California law, except in rare circumstances, these types of provisions are generally not...

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Trademarks

This is a continuance of our four part discussion of intellectual property. Last month featured a discussion of copyright law. Last month, our newsletter discussed copyright protections for works that are put into a tangible form, such as books, movies, songs, drawings, and photographs. Copyright is automatically granted to the creator of the work the...

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Ending Confidential Settlements of Sexual Harassment Claims

At the close of this legislative session, one of the laws signed by the Governor effectively prohibits any provision in settlement agreements preventing the disclosure of information regarding sexual harassment and sex discrimination. The law takes effect on January 1, 2019, and will retroactively apply to any previously entered settlements barring the...

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