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Maintaining the Protection You Intended Your Corporation to Provide

For corporate clients of Navigato & Battin, you likely received a letter in the mail accompanied by a questionnaire, asking about your corporation’s activities for 2018. One purpose of this questionnaire is to allow our office to draft unanimous written consents for your corporation’s shareholders and directors in lieu of annual shareholder...

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Employees Must be Compensated for Calling in to Confirm Shifts

For employees of Tilly’s, a clothing store, each work week consists of both scheduled shifts and what the company called “on call shifts.” For these on call shifts, employees are required to call their respective store two hours in advance of the on call shift, and during that call the employees are informed whether they are required to...

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Subsidiaries Can Bind Parent Companies to Arbitration Clauses

A parent and subsidiary relationship exists when the parent company controls the subsidiary company, either through owning the majority of membership interests or stock. Regardless of this ownership, the parent and subsidiary are and remain two distinct entities, wholly separate from one another. While the two entities may share similar ownership and...

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Protecting Your Intellectual Property: Trade Secrets

This is the final installation of our four part discussion of intellectual property. Last month, we discussed patents and their protections.   When someone thinks of a trade secret, they may think of the Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe, or the Coca-Cola formula. But trade secrets can be more commonplace pieces of information such as a client list,...

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Another Reason to Ensure Your Company Pays Its Employees Correctly

Owners and officers of California companies have always been able to rest easy knowing that, absent extenuating circumstances, they would not be held personally liable for wage and hour law violations. Recently, though, a Court of Appeal issued a decision reversing this. Now, mistakes in calculating wages or underpayment of employees may end up costing not...

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