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California Supreme Court Decision Adds Clarity on Intentional Interference with At -Will Contracts and Clears Up Confusion on the Validity of Non-Compete Clauses in Business-to-Business Agreements

The California Supreme Court answered two questions in its opinion in Ixchel Pharma, LLC v. Biogen, Inc., clearing up uncertainty in California’s business tort law. Is a plaintiff required to plead an independently wrongful act in order to state a claim for tortious interference with a contract that is terminable at will? What is the proper standard to...

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City of San Diego Extends Eviction Moratorium in Eleventh Hour

We discussed the City of San Diego’s eviction moratorium in last month’s newsletter. As promised, we have kept up with the latest news and learned the City Council voted to extend the eviction moratorium through September 30. This extension is longer than the previous 30 day extension and likely is the result of increasing COVID-19 numbers and...

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NavBat Says Goodbye to Brie Collings

After two years with NavBat, associate Brie Collings has left the firm to return to her home state of Nevada. Collings was a valued member of the NavBat team, providing corporate clients with guidance, drafting various agreements, and assisting the partners with litigation. “I am eternally grateful to have started my career practicing law with the...

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Don’t Forget Your 2020 Corporate Actions

Corporate clients of Navigato & Battin received an email back in March requesting they fill out a questionnaire regarding their company’s operations during 2019. The information included in these questionnaires allows us to draft Shareholder and Board of Director Actions for your corporation which ratify all actions taken in the preceding year,...

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San Diego Extends Eviction Moratorium Extra Month

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to alter everyday life, including the continued closure of many businesses, San Diego has extended its Eviction Moratorium Order through June. This Order originally became effective March 25, 2020, in response to the growing concerns that many residents and businesses would be unable to pay rent in the coming months due...

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Are Your Trade Secrets Protected During Work-from-Home?

By necessity, remote offices have become at least the short term standard for many California businesses, but in quickly implementing work-from-home programs businesses may not have given enough consideration to the protection of their trade secrets in the process. Employees working from home are likely utilizing their own computers, telephones, and...

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