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Don’t Forget Your 2020 Corporate Actions

Corporate clients of Navigato & Battin received an email back in March requesting they fill out a questionnaire regarding their company’s operations during 2019. The information included in these questionnaires allows us to draft Shareholder and Board of Director Actions for your corporation which ratify all actions taken in the preceding year,...

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San Diego Extends Eviction Moratorium Extra Month

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to alter everyday life, including the continued closure of many businesses, San Diego has extended its Eviction Moratorium Order through June. This Order originally became effective March 25, 2020, in response to the growing concerns that many residents and businesses would be unable to pay rent in the coming months due...

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Managing Harmful Online Reviews

Like it or not, online reviews have a major impact on today’s businesses – especially small businesses relying on word of mouth to promote their products. Just as easily as rave reviews can kick start a company, offensive reviews can destroy a company’s reputation. Knowing how to handle this type of reputational harm is becoming a key to...

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NB Wins Lawsuit Against General Contractor

Complete Victory After Bench Trial, Contractor Hit With Punitive Damages NB’s client started up a limited liability company to completely remodel an existing apartment complex. After running into a number of snags along the way, the general contractor hired to complete the remodel made off with the construction drawings and permits, leaving the...

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NB Successfully Resists Effort to Drag Clients to Court in Colorado

Colorado Court Dismisses Case for Lack of Jurisdiction NB’s clients, a California corporation and two of its principals, were sued in Denver, Colorado by a Colorado corporation alleging that NB’s clients stole “trade secret” information. While NB’s clients certainly had substantive defenses to the claims, NB believed the...

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