What is the KFC Dating Game?

The KFC Dating Game is a promotional campaign by Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was launched on Steam on September 24, 2019. The game is essentially a parody of dating sim games, where players can date Colonel Sanders, the fictional founder of KFC.

The Plot of KFC Dating Game

The game follows a young culinary student on her journey to become a successful chef. She meets and falls in love with Colonel Sanders, who is also her classmate. The player's goal is to win Colonel Sanders' heart by making the perfect fried chicken recipe. Along the way, players interact with various characters, including the Colonel's rival chef, his best friend, and a talking corgi.

The Gameplay of KFC Dating Game

The KFC Dating Game is a visual novel game, which means players can control the story's outcome by making different choices. The game features multiple endings, and players can replay the game to unlock them all. The gameplay involves reading through dialogue and making choices that affect the story's outcome. Each choice affects the relationship between the player character and Colonel Sanders.

The Reception of KFC Dating Game

The KFC Dating Game was met with mixed reactions from players and critics alike. Some praised the game for its humor and unique concept, while others criticized it for being a shallow marketing ploy. Despite the mixed reviews, the game received widespread attention on social media, with many users sharing their experiences playing the game.

The Impact of KFC Dating Game

The KFC Dating Game is part of a larger marketing campaign by Kentucky Fried Chicken. The campaign's goal is to target younger audiences and promote new menu items, including chicken tenders and waffle fries. The game's success has led to a merchandise line featuring Colonel Sanders' likeness, including t-shirts and enamel pins.

The Future of KFC Dating Game

It is unclear whether Kentucky Fried Chicken plans to release another dating sim game or expand on the current one. However, the success of the KFC Dating Game has shown that there is a market for unconventional marketing campaigns that appeal to younger audiences. It remains to be seen whether other companies will follow in KFC's footsteps and create their own dating sim games.

Kfc Dating Game

The KFC Dating Game is an unusual marketing campaign that has captured the attention of many gamers and fast-food enthusiasts. While some have criticized it as a shallow ploy to promote products, others have praised it for its humor and unique concept. Regardless of one's opinion, there is no denying that the game has made an impact on the gaming industry and opened up new possibilities for marketing campaigns.