After 40 years in private practice, James R. Spievak decided to take a position as general counsel for one of his growing business clients. In October of 2012, Mr. Spievak formally closed his office.

In addition to acting as general counsel, Mr. Spievak is now “Of Counsel” to Navigato & Battin LLP.  Mr. Spievak firmly believes that even though he will not be providing hands-on legal advice, the best way to serve his former clients was to join forces with a well-established firm which offered superior legal services. According to Mr. Spievak:

As I wrestled with the transition associated with closing my  private practice, my main concern was finding the right lawyer (or group of lawyers) to whom I could with confidence refer my business and litigation related clients. It has not been an easy decision. I needed to find a lawyer or firm who would have the expertise to serve the needs of my clients and most importantly, someone with whom I felt my clients would be comfortable.

I believe that firm is Navigato & Battin, LLP, an aggressive and knowledgeable law firm located in downtown San Diego that principally practices law in the area of business and civil litigation.  To ensure a continuity of transition, I have become “of counsel” to the firm. This will allow me to provide consultation to the firm on my former clients without being directly involved in providing legal services.

Navigato & Battin is honored to be the firm that Mr. Spievak chose to serve his past and future clientele. Mr. Spievak will provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to the attorneys at Navigato & Battin.