Business disputes of all shapes and sizes occur every day in the business world.  Here at NavBat, we understand the high stakes of business disputes and seek to help our clients proactively avoid the expensive and time consuming route of litigation.  However, should litigation become necessary, your business can take confidence in our decades of combined experience handling complex litigation.

Our firm is mindful of the specific needs of each individual business and diligently provides representation in the following areas, among others:

Shareholder, Member and Partner Disputes:  Shareholder, member and partner disputes are quite common as businesses grow and objectives change.  Many disputes arise in regard to ownership interests, profit and loss sharing, management expectations, operating decisions, the death, divorce or insolvency of an owner, and fiduciary duty breaches. Regardless of the dispute, we offer our knowledge and guidance to help you find a successful and efficient solution whenever possible.

Disputes with Outside Parties:  Disputes with external parties such as vendors, distributors, suppliers, and governmental agencies occur in the normal course of business.  We provide a tailored approach to minimize the time, expense and loss of profit that may arise as a result of these types of disputes.

Sale of Business Disputes:  We handle all necessary aspects of disputes regarding the sale of a business. Some of the more common disputes include: terms of the sales agreement, receipt of payment, covenants not to compete, and breaches of the sales agreement.

Unfair Competition:  Some disputes arise due to the actions of a business competitor or a former employee.  We have assisted clients stop competitors from unlawfully competing against their business by using proprietary information owned by the client such as trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks.  Companies must also be concerned when an employee leaves and moves on to a competitor or starts a competing business.  Although businesses cannot prevent former employees from competing, they can make sure the playing field is level by preventing ex-employees from making use of trade secret information.

Investor Disputes:  Investing in a business always involves some level of risk.  However, investors must be dealt with honestly and fairly and their investment must be used for the purpose promised.  When this does not occur, claims and lawsuits usually follow.  We have assisted many clients seeking to recover investments that have gone awry.  Likewise, we have helped companies and their principals ward off unfounded allegations by investors.