We do our best to keep our clients out of court, but sometimes lawsuits are unavoidable.  When this time comes, we are more than ready to provide our clients with a thoughtful and aggressive approach to litigation.  No two cases are exactly alike, but whether our clients are on the offensive (as plaintiffs) or the defensive (as defendants) we leave no stone unturned in working with our clients to provide them with an understandable, logical approach to accomplish their litigation goals.

We are very experienced in dealing with everything from simple employment issues to extremely complex business litigation.  From the pleading stage to the discovery stage to law and motion work, we will make sure that your case is ready for trial and that the other side knows that they will have a difficult task ahead of them.  And if your case goes to trial, you will be represented in court by attorneys who are experienced in trial settings and who know how to effectively put your case in the best light in a relatable way.

When your case has reached the judgment stage, we have extensive experience using all of the tools available at law to actually collect.  If an appeal is necessary, we take care of that as well.

All the while, we make sure our clients understand exactly where things stand in court.  We constantly re-assess the pros and cons of litigation, including likelihood of success, probable expenses going forward, and the collectability of any judgment awarded.  Our transparent, aggressive, and experienced approach to litigation has yielded favorable results for our clients for years, often against much larger and much more expensive law firms from throughout the state.