Sometimes even the strongest landlord-tenant relationship goes south.  For any number of reasons, you may be faced with a tenant who no longer pays rent or a landlord who refuses to compromise its position.  If so, the likely result will be an unlawful detainer action.

In the unlawful detainer arena, one false move could cost you thousands of dollars or several weeks dealing with a tenant who is not paying rent.  Whichever side of the landlord-tenant relationship you find yourself on, having someone on your side with knowledge of the complex and specialized rules and procedures of unlawful detainer litigation is essential.  NB attorneys have the background and expertise to address concerns arising in the landlord/tenant relationship, and have successfully guided both landlords and tenants through disputes relating to residential leases and commercial leases.  Whether you are seeking to quickly evict a tenant to get your property back on the market or to force a landlord to live up to its obligations under a lease, NB attorneys can help you achieve your goals efficiently.

If a tenant has failed to pay rent or is otherwise breaching the lease, call the attorneys at NB to help you through every step of the eviction process, from serving the tenant with the proper notices to terminate the tenancy to getting a judgment at trial and regaining possession of the property.  If a landlord is forcing you out unjustly or you need someone to fight for a lease renegotiation at a critical time, NB’s attorneys will fight to aggressively protect your rights as a tenant.